Kalamazoo Family Photographer

I adore this sweet family. I mean truly, they’re one of the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful families you’ll ever meet. Elyse is the insanely talented photographer behind Elyse Rowland Photography (ELYSEROWLANDPHOTOGRAPHY.COM) and getting her and the rest of her family in front of my lens was truly an honor. She’s on of my biggest cheerleaders and it’s such a blessing to have such a wonderful friend in this industry. I appreciate her friendship more than I can explain. I have a hard time putting into words just how much I love photography– it’s so much more than a job to me. It’s one of my biggest passions, but it definitely can be a cut-throat, competitive crazy industry for some people and I’m beyond thankful to have such an amazing friend that puts aside all aspects of competition and roots me on with everything she’s got. It’s worth more than gold to have her in my corner. It’s hard as a photographer to be in a lot of the photos with your family when you’re the one always taking the photos, so being asked to photograph her with the ones that mean most to her truly means so, so much. Thank you Rowland’s for trusting me to capture these special moments for you.

Until next time <3


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Thanks so much for taking the time out to peek at the blog. If you’d like to see more of my work head over to my website HERE. If you’d like to set up a session please send an email to saracombsphotography@yahoo.com. Make sure to check back often as I’m always adding new beautiful faces!

Sara Combs Photography is a Kalamazoo family photographer also specializing in newborn photography.