Family Photographer in Kalamazoo

Just look at this beautiful bunch! I’m always gushing over my clients– how much I adore them, how wonderful they all are, gorgeous, and just downright amazing. These four have a special place in my heart– they’re FAMILY. This is my sister, her husband, and my gorgeous nieces. I mean, really, I’ve hit the Auntie lottery. I have the most amazing little family (well, not so little, there are 5 of us siblings and we’ve done a fantastic job at keeping the family name going so get together’s aren’t really little per say- there’s actually a bunch of us) and it’s such a treat spending time with them. Amanda + Brady made a trip to the mitten last weekend, so updating their photos was a must.

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Sara Combs Photography is a Family Photographer in Kalamazoo Michigan. SCP also specializes in newborn photography.